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with phone.heic

Medium:                           Adobe Photoshop
Dimensions:                     38x7in
Time:                                  2021

           "The Train from Toronto to Tang” illustrates two eras in parallel; side by side yet never touching. Toronto dwellers and people of the Tang Dynasty ride the Toronto Transit Commission system together; the two periods are joined in the middle by a flurry of static, lighting and ambiguous sensations of acceleration and transmission. This connection represents the subconscious historical influences present in contemporary society. Many ancient practices and beliefs remain sewn into the bottom layer of how our world functions and they unite us in ways that are unseen. Musical instruments, food, clothing and modes of transportation are all derived from the labour and dreams of our ancestors. In that way, it is critical that we examine our historical narrative to learn from events and decisions that have resulted in evolution.

The long panoramic composition acts as an iPhone live wallpaper and is reminiscent of ancient Chinese scrolls.

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