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「I See You」.
I see you.jpg

Medium:                           Acrylic paint
Dimensions:                     Approx 55x255in
Time:                                  2022

           The world is held together piece by piece by a mosaic of colours and identities. It is occupied by eyes that see different visions, ears that hear different tunes, noses that smell different fragrances and lips that speak different truths. To us, our own lives are nothing but ordinary. To strangers, our life is a symphony of novelties and wonders. In that way, it is important to see ourselves from a third-person perspective and approach our aspirations with an unrestricted eye.

As the biggest piece I have ever completed, it was freeing to use the wall in my backyard as my canvas. Not only was it rewarding to transform the once-brick wall into a bold mural, but it was also satisfying to use my whole arm span to paint. I enjoyed playing with spatial optics and seeing the piece from foreign three-dimensional perspectives; the faces and shapes would distort depending on the direction I looked from. Canada, between 1863 and 1998, more than 150,000 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children were forced to attend residential schools. They were removed from their families “with the purpose to eliminate parental involvement in [their] spiritual, cultural and intellectual development.” (Daniller, 2014). This chapter of Canadian history has left a legacy of unresolved trauma that continues to propagate and spread from generation to generation.


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