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Medium:                           Walnut ink and Acrylic gouache
Dimensions:                     22x30in
Time:                                  2022
Program:                           RISD Summer Program 2022, Interpreting the Figure: Culture and Context
Professor:                         Bryan Melillo

           When we are dissected, medical examiners are only capable of seeing our physical organs and skeletal structures. Yet they can’t catch the metaphorical, spiritual and religious bonds formed over our lifetime.

Do these facets of us disappear when we pass or are they simply invisible to the outside eye? Intertwined tightly with the red juices, rods, jellies and coils, are guileless feelings. The feelings that seemed to overpower us when the pendulum was still swinging.

I believe that hanging in the air over the examiner's table and dancing playfully between our ribs, are our experiences, knowledge and beliefs. They are simply deeper within us than the physical bonds carrying us through life. They rise like dust particles and lie in wait until they can settle into another soul.

Drawing inspiration from flap-anatomy artworks, the physical act of peeling back a layer of the human body and revealing another, parallels the idea of seeing beyond the physical and into the metaphorical.

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