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「Highway Home」.

Medium:                           Pencil crayon + collage
Dimensions:                     19x24in
Time:                                  2021
Program:                           RISD Summer Program 2021, Drawing                                                + Mixed Media: Expressive Ideation
Professor:                          Yevgeniya Baras

           A  futuristic highway that embodies the ultimate road rager's utopia was formed by transforming the curvilinear shapes composing The Solomon R. Guggenheim Art Museum, New York.

Society needs a better way to travel; idling cars increase pollution toxins while traffic jams tease our will to live.

Using the museum’s original curvilinear forms, an illustration of a highway that does not permit traffic is created. This illustrated design addresses and proposes a utilitarian-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way to decrease pollution and increase travelling happiness by allowing drivers to ride smoothly over winding slopes that light their vision with colour and hope.

Roads weave over and under each other, allowing for a multitude of different pathways to one’s desired destination. 


Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg

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