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Medium:                           Oil and Acrylic paint
Dimensions:                     48x24in
Time:                                  2022

           Growing up is an inevitable process filled with struggle and promise.

During our childhood, we love to love ourselves with greed and endless pampering to the point of narcissism. However, as we embark on the journey of ripening, we have the choice to mature and embrace other melodies of life. Naturally, we will encounter both beautiful things that guide us forward and harmful things that rot our growth.

Some argue that who we will become is fate; unpredictable but certainly benign regardless of the experiences we encounter. Others say that it's a choice; controllable but often grave in outcome and utterly dependent on our growth or lack thereof.

Regardless, it is essential to accept both the blissful and despairing moments as we age. Just as there is life and growth, there is also death and stillness. Like catching dewdrops on a sunny day, it is also futile to latch onto time preservation.





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