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「Memento Mori」.

Medium:                           Gouache + markers
Dimensions:                     22x30in
Time:                                  2022
Program:                           RISD Summer Program 2022, Interpreting the Figure: Culture and Context
Professor:                         Bryan Melillo

           "We all eventually die"

The idea of death has gotten inescapable and mundane. Today, it has evolved into something desirable. Death is an outlet to disconnect from the burdens we bear. Ironically, death, being the grimmest thing itself, is also the final and most satisfactory relief from all things unpleasant. Thus, it is only simple why people are experimenting and playing with death in order to brush upon that fleeting feeling of resurrection. Commonly, this rare sensation or phenomenon - otherwise associated with escapism - is achieved through hallucinogenics, sex, alcohol and music.

The neon colours and graffiti-like mark-making are reminiscent of the aggression, confusion, chaos and overpowering ecstasy these commodities can bring. Concealed within the flames, are numbers labeled on flying ribbons, symbolizing time - years, minutes and seconds - counting down. It is also a tribute to the iconic labeling system found in historical anatomical books.




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