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「Curious Touch」.

Medium:                           Walnut Ink
Dimensions:                     22x30in
Time:                                  2022
Program:                           RISD Summer Program 2022, Interpreting the Figure: Culture and Context
Professor:                         Bryan Melillo

           Freckled with a constellation of city names, the dusty globe in my room has all my memories condensed into its prosaic orb. I often find myself staring at it, desperately hoping it can help me relive my travels and memorize every second of its euphoria.

However, as I continued to study my globe through the years, my messy memories unjumbled into stories I can flip through because I now know the names of the once-forgotten cafes, streets, museums, cities and lakes. As I lie in night reminiscing, I turn into a child again, innocently exploring and melting into the visions I keep replaying and greedily, secretly soaking into flashbacks of a world without boundaries, rules and adults.

Combining the globe with the spine, this piece shows that traveling is the backbone of my identity. The walnut ink’s yellow ochre and burnt umber colour convey warmth and age.

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