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「The Divine」.

Medium:                           Adobe Photoshop
Dimensions:                     20x26in
Time:                                  2022

           For millennia, Catholicism has prevailed. Its most valued figure, Jesus, has been propagated as the man of the highest divinity. However, the paradox of Catholicism is that Jesus is not the most powerful figure. Instead, it is those who use his narratives of ideal morality and sacrifice as a shield and sword in order to maintain power and order within the church, and within society.

Does religion then boil down to fictional fairytales and humans, blind to the inconsistencies? Were all the wars that have been fought defending such beliefs for nothing? Will we ever be able to uncover such truths?

The secrets hidden behind religious declarations are often impossible to locate, decode and decipher. Their revealment, interpretation and existence are solely dependent on how many people truly believe.

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