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「Starving Artist」.

Medium:                           Ink
Dimensions:                     20x26in
Time:                                  2021


           Every evening, he sits at his dinner table waiting for inspiration to arrive. He has become friends with the flies, seeing himself in them. They have the same place in society as pests, always barely escaping from swatting hands with no mercy. He has become accustomed to paying with the few coins he has left. His pockets become lighter and his feet a little heavier. But every evening, he sits at the dinner table, waiting for inspiration to arrive and he is thankful for his life with the flies.

“Starving Artist” illuminates the stereotypical assumption that the life of an artist is poor. With the buzzing flies, crumbs and a dirty palette knife smeared with modeling paste, a feeling of plain disgust emerges. However, the warmth of the fleeting light cast by the lone, flickering candle conveys the sublime and erratic yet freeing nature of a creative mind living on an Earth overtaken by science and mathematics.

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