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「A Shot in the Dark」.
A Shot in the Dark.jpg

Medium:                           Cotton, plastic crows, maps, other found materials
Dimensions:                     63x54x42in
Time:                                  2022

           A weapon can take a person's life and destroy a homeland. However, it is a commodity that is regularly produced and sold worldwide. Since World War II, 248 armed conflicts have occurred in 153 regions around the world, resulting in 300 million deaths. This war upon humankind has not ceased and will not cease due to the great economic interests of weaponry and the hegemonic nature of our greed.

The story behind “A Shot in the Dark” starts with the firing of a bullet. Cotton, black paper and shredded maps of countries that have experienced centuries of war shroud the crimson light beneath, evoking feelings of dread and suspense. As the vapour reaches an apex, crows and feathers - seeds of evil - spread disaster over the earth like a plague. Melding a gun with a clouded telescope shows that the coming consequences of weaponry are impossible to foresee. As long as weapons are constantly manufactured, there will never be a day of peace in the world.

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