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「Space between Us」.
Space between Us.jpg

Medium:                           Printmaking ink (reductive printmaking)
Dimensions:                     11x14in each
Time:                                  2021


           Within familial affairs, love can unite differences but the lack of it can also turn a bed into a hidden battleground.

Inspired by ukiyo-e style prints, the piece on the left depicts my parents. Their synched rhythm contrasts the split background, breaking the fragmented atmosphere and unifying their differences. While they may not be in the same space, they are, nonetheless, on the same page. The piece on the right is the opposite. The new couple is riddled with unspeakable inner tribulations that they must overcome individually. Thus, even though they are a whisper apart, it feels as if they are on antipodal planets due to their polar opposite concerns, beliefs and goals.

After printing more than forty editions per piece, the printmaking process became a therapeutic and predictable performance. It is always refreshing to peel back the sticky paper and see how each print is unique in terms of texture, ink distribution and alignment. Even misprints are valuable.



Untitled-1 (4).png


Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 3.01.32 PM.png

<<carved rubber

1 copy.jpg

digital blueprint (done in Photoshop)>>

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 2.58.48 PM.png

<<thumbnails + inspiration

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